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  • Tradition With A Twist

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Ojin Bakes

Ojin is a neighborhood gathering place. It’s the perfect place for meeting friends for a cup of tea, enjoying a smoothie made with locally sourced ingredients, or feeding your entire family.

Opus Bakes

Ojin foods PVT LTD after lifting its retail outlets to the zenith of glory started its franchisees to cater the need of customer satisfaction through OPUS.

Ojin Naturals

Though started recently the quality and the attractiveness led our products of pickles, Jams, Sauces and Payasam mixes a boon to the customers.

Ojin wholesale

Ojin is having around four thousand Bakery outlets mainly depend on its supply. 40 vehicles are plying daily to keep these supply to its customers, with fresh products and splendid service.

Tradition With A Twist

Ojin Foods traces its roots back to 1982 when it was founded by the man with the vision Sri A.K. Kutty Hassan Hajee in Pallithyam. A range of cakes and confectionery were produced to cater to the local market then. Since then from those humble beginnings, the company has spread its wings and has chalked up sweet success one after another under the able leadership of the enterprising Chairman N.P. Subair and the innovative Managing Directors A.K. Fowzeer and A.K. Junaise. Today, Ojin Foods is a major manufacturer of a wide range of bakery and confectionery products, including its successful line of cakes, sweetmeats, dates, roasted groundnuts etc. We believe the most rewarding way to grow our business is to focus on what we do best – satisfying the customers’ need for the very best in bakery products.

We are committed to the spirit of continuous improvement. A continuous effort in R&D has resulted in the introduction of new variants of products to cater to the dynamic lifestyle of today’s generation. The favorites include the famous Cream Cake, Plum Cake, and Tea Cake. Also available are Biscuits, Dates, groundnuts and sweetmeats like Jalebi, Halwas, Bengali Laddoos, Mysore Paks, Achappams, mixtures or chiwdas made in coconut oil; nearly about 15 varieties.

Ojin Foods Pvt Ltd

11/491-A, Melekkandy building,
Convent Road, Calicut, Kerala, India

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Monday to Saturday
10am - 6pm

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+91 94005 00050

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